Nov 2012

And ... Go!

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Since 2005, Dryfive has been building great sites for fantastic clients. Our mission with our new blog ... to showcase client projects, to offer tips and tricks on website maintenance and to discuss the web industry's goings-on.

We specialize in developing websites with Joomla's CMS (content management system). There are a lot of great CMS's out there, but Joomla best fits the bill for us. Add Joomlaworks' K2 to the mix, and you have a platform that makes adding and editing site content as simple as editing a Word document.

Over the past year, our designs (and the industry in general) have incorporated the innovation of responsive web design (RWD) into the process. Essentially, responsive sites take into account the visitor's device (smart-phone, tablet, notebook, desktop, etc.) and adjust the page's output to optimise the user's experience. With responsive design, clients can focus solely on maintaining great content ... the site's framework will take care of the rest!

So there it is ... our first of hopefully many posts to come. We welcome and and all questions and comments!